Metal Cleaning

When significant rust or old paint is slowing down your latest car restoration project, let Clean Air Blasting LLC lend a hand. We offer wet or dry media blasting at your location. Get a free quote or call (704) 877-1640 for more information. Located north of Charlotte, we serve residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.

Applications for Blasting Metal

Cleaning metal surfaces of unwanted paint and other substances takes time and effort. Media blasting can complete the task in minutes or hours versus what would take you days or weeks to finish on your own. We make short work of surface prep using a mixture of compressed air, customized media, and rust inhibitor. Once done, you can easily repaint.

In addition to metal, pressurized media blasting is effective on many other surfaces. It works miracles on concrete, fiberglass, brick, and wood, too. We offer both dry blasting and dustless blasting, also called wet blasting, and we adjust the media composition to each application.

  • Cars. Easily strips off rust, old paint, grease, and dirt, leaving you a clean surface for repairs and painting.
  • Boats. Remove marine growth easily all while protecting the surface of your boat.
  • Tractors and other heavy equipment. Remove dirt and grease without warping and damaging the surface.
  • Fleet vehicles. Clean your fleet of vehicles quickly, easily, and safely.
  • Steel buildings. Remove rust, dirt, and unwanted paint. This reveals the shine under the grime.

Let Our Expertise Lead the Way.

Why Work With Us

Restore dirty or marred surfaces to like-new condition with our media blasting service. Get a free quote or call Clean Air Blasting at (704) 877-1640 for more information. We serve areas throughout North Carolina and South Carolina including Hickory, NC; Winston-Salem NC; Rock Hill, SC; and Columbia, SC.

  • Locally owned
  • Fully insured and licensed
  • 10% discount for military and veterans
  • 150-foot blast line
  • Free demos available
  • Free service estimates
  • Saves valuable time on projects
  • Wide mobile service area
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