What We Blast

Check out a few of the items Clean Air Blasting LLC services below, then call (704) 877-1640 today for a free quote on an exceptional mobile blasting experience.

  • Automotive

    Mobile Automotive Striping Service Charlotte NC

    Strip your cars naked! Enjoy having a car free from old paint and rust when you hire our team. With our blasting service, you can repaint or restore your vehicle in no time.

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  • Marine

    Mobile Marine Service Charlotte NC

    From steel to aluminum to fiberglass, you can be sure that your boat is safe when you choose our blasting service. We can clean any surface and remove any marine growth with ease through our advanced blasting technology.

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  • Graffiti Removal

    Mobile Graffiti Removal Service Charlotte NC

    Whether you need to strip off paint from concrete, brick, or wood surfaces, our team is here to help. Our blasting technology can easily and safely remove paint from any surface, leaving it clean and looking like new again.

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  • Wood Restoration

    Mobile Wood Restoration Service Charlotte NC

    Bring back the elegant finish of any wooden surface through blasting. From antique furniture to cabins and patios, you can rest easy knowing that your wood surfaces are cleaned without harm.

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  • Heavy Equipment

    Mobile Heavy Equipment Striping Service Charlotte NC

    Removing grease and dirt from tractors and heavy equipment is a quick and easy task for our team. Our blaster is ideal for cleaning machinery because it easily removes grease without warping or damaging the surface.

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  • Furniture Refinishing

    Mobile Furniture Striping Service Charlotte NC

    We have the equipment to refinish furniture back to new. Our process is delicate yet effective and only takes minutes. We use this application on many surfaces.

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  • Fleet Vehicles

    Mobile Fleet Striping Service Charlotte NC

    Large trucks and vehicles can be easily cleaned with our dustless blasting service. Our powerful blaster is specially designed to help remove dirt, paint, and even rust quicky and effectively.

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  • Stripe Removal

    Mobile Stripe Removal Service Charlotte NC

    Removing road or parking lot stripes is an effortless task when using the necessary blasting tools and equipment to strip off paint. Our dust-free blasting service is also great for simple concrete cleanups.

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  • Surface Cleaning

    Mobile Surface Cleaning Service Charlotte NC

    Hard-to-reach and -remove stains and dirt? These are never a problem with our blasting service! We can effectively and effortlessly clean any surface, bringing back its pristine look.

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  • Pool Cleaning

    Mobile Pool Cleaning Service Charlotte NC

    Our blasting service is also perfect for cleaning swimming pools. Make your pool pristine and good as new! Book a service today, and let us restore your pool’s luxurious appeal.

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When Quality & Experience Matter

Clean Air Blasting is experienced in media blasting services and will always do a professional job. Skip the dust plume mess in your garage and give us a try. Get a free quote or call us at (704) 877-1640 for more information. Located north of Charlotte, we serve areas throughout North Carolina and South Carolina including Hickory, NC; Winston-Salem, NC; Rock Hill, SC; and Columbia, SC.

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